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Episode 9: Trip to Forkmenistan

The episode where cutlery safety expert Ian Crawford visits a giant cutlery manufacturing factory in Forkmenistan.

Episode 8: Spoon the Musical!

The episode where Cutlery Safety Expert Ian Crawford pitches his idea for a musical based on the life of Horatio Spoon.

Episode 7: Community Cutlery from SpoonSense

The episode where Ian Crawford (Cutlery Safety Expert) helps turn some young lives towards future success

Episode 6: Abbey Road

The episode where Ian wins a competition and records a new hit album in the Abbey Road recording studios

Episode 5: Cutlery safety on the moon

In this episode cutlery safety expert and adviser Ian Crawford finds a rocket in Asda and ends up on the moon delivering his cutlery safety lecture to a group of strange creatures. 


Episode 4: Speed awareness

In this episode cutlery safety expert Ian Crawford tells us how a delay at a Chinese buffet restaurant led him to having to attend a speed awareness workshop. He updates us on his search for further employment and also reminds all listeners about the dangers of the teaspoon, with a recap of spoon-sense.

Episode3: Mop what you drop

Ian Crawford (cutlery safety expert) tells us about a recent interview, his "Finnish" girlfriend, his carefree neighbour and he shares a sad case study of somebody who failed to mop what they dropped. In some bonus material, Ian tells us about a secret formula for calculating the number of prongs on any fork!. Stay safe everyone, but most of all stay cutlery safe!

Episode 2: Stay cutlery safe

In this episode Ian shares his experience with plastic cutlery in a fast food restaurant, his hobby rearranging cutlery in IKEA and he also shares a couple of tragic case studies. Finally all podcast listeners will be rewarded with the basics of SpoonSense. Stay safe, stay cutlery safe!

Episode 1: Think once, think twice, think fork, spoon & knife

Ian Crawford (Cutlery Safety Expert) introduces listeners to the importance of cutlery safety. "Think once, think Twice, think fork spoon and knife!"

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